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"Be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity. Whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah. For Allah sees well all that you do" (2:110).

Your Support Makes it Possible

Masjid Maintenance

We rely on individual donations and collective efforts to ensure our Masjid maintenance is to the highest standard. We couldn’t do our work without the generous donations from people like you.


Sadaqah is described as a voluntary charitable act that is done for the sake of Allah (SWT). Sadaqah not only purifies one’s own wealth, but also helps to establish a flow of wealth in society.


Zakat is an Islamic term referring to individual's obligation to donate a certain proportion of wealth each year to charitable causes. Zakat is a mandatory process for Muslims and is regarded form of worship.


Zakat ul Fitr (also known as Fitrana) is a charitable donation of food that must be given before the Eid prayer at the end of Ramadan. Zakat al-Fitr amount for this year is $9 per person.

Sunday School

By donating to our Sunday school fund, you will be giving a wonderful sadaqa jariyah to ensure that children from the community get the finest Islamic education and learn Quran tajweed.

Iftar Donation

When the month of Ramadan arrives, the doors of mercy are open. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Earn the Reward of a Fasting Person by donating towards our Iftar fund.

The charity you give will be your shade on the Day of Judgement

Other Ways to Give to Islamic Center of Macon


Please make your Check payable to "Islamic Center of Macon" Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do our work without the generous donations from people like you.

In Person Cash/Card

We do accept in person cash and card donation at Mosque. Please see Imam Atif or Dr Awais in person if you would like to make cash donation or just swipe your card at the card reader.

Auto Debit /Credit

Recurrent and automatic payments from your checking account or credit card. please contact Imam Atif or Dr Awais for authorization letter. (done via QuickBooks)

Donate via PayPal

Without any service fee to ICM
You can select send money to friends and family, you'll need our ID and following information.
PayPal ID [email protected]
Name: Muhammad Awais

Donate via PayPal

With Service charge (charged to ICM)
You will never pay service free when making donation via PayPal, it will be chared to ICM. You can make payment using below link please share below link with your friends and family for donation

Donate via Zelle

You may donate via Zelle by using email: [email protected], Name: Muhammad Awais, Note: Masjid Maintenance

Donate via CashApp

You may donate via CashApp by using our below details: $islamiccenterofmacon Name: Muhammad Awais

Feeling Blessed App

Just download Feeling Blessed App on any platform (Apple/Android), choose ICM as your charity and donate as much and as often.