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ICM Code Of Conduct and Policies

1. Every Muslim shall be committed to justice and kindness and believe in equality  strengthened by brotherhood.  

2. Every Muslim shall be responsive to the needs of others.  

3. Every Muslim shall exercise tolerance and respect for the rights and opinions of other  Muslims.  

4. Every Muslim shall refrain from raising his or her voice and from speaking offensively of  others.  

5. Every Member, when present on the premises, shall feel responsible for cleanliness and  safety of ICM Property. Specifically

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the main prayer halls, except for water during  taraweeh. NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS 
  • Keep the restrooms clean and accompany your children while using the restrooms.
  • Children should be supervised while playing in any area, inside or outside. Management  will not be responsible for any injuries to kids
  • Parents will be responsible for any damage caused to ICM property by kids, including  getting it repaired. 
  • Any activity or game that can potentially harm/damage the masjid property (interior  walls, light fixtures etc) will not be allowed inside the masjid. Examples of such activities  include but not limited to tennis, baseball, cricket etc. Inside of masjid includes the  dining areas, class rooms and the big play hall. Please use recreation areas/gym and  outside for such activities. 
  • No Food or candies and snacks allowed in the big play hall. 
  • If you are the last person to leave the masjid please make sure you turn off lights and  AC/Heating. 
  • Please follow housekeeping rules for cleanliness posted in the kitchen and dining areas. 

6. Announcement: No one shall make any announcement, sponsor any gathering, distribute  any literature on the property or display any literature on the bulletin boards of ICM without  prior approval of Board 

Friday announcements

  • All announcement requests must be received in writing before Thursday 5:00 p.m. o Friday announcements maybe made by the Imam and/or designated member of the  Board of Directors 

General announcements

  • Emergency announcements like newborn, hospitalization, accident, death, and  request for du’a can be made only with the permission of Imam or a member of the  Board of Directors. 
  • Other announcements apart from those stated above require prior approval from the  Board of Directors. 
  • Approved announcements will be made by Imam or designated member. Requester  can also be assigned to make announcements but only with prior approval of Board  of Directors.  

Posting ads on and around ICM premises

  • Requires approval of a member of the Board of Directors.  


  • No one is allowed to sell anything or advertise anything in the ICM except for  fundraising purpose for Islamic activities with prior approval of the Board. 

7. All Muslims and/or non-Muslims entering the ICM shall comply with the Islamic/modest  dress code. 

8. Smoking shall not be permitted anywhere on the premises of ICM, except for designated  smoking area. We have zero tolerance on this issue as it is important for our future generations health.  

9. The Masjid will be closed after Isha Prayer until Fajr Prayer except during religious holidays.  No one is allowed to stay in the masjid overnight. Exceptions might apply as below with the  prior approval of Board. 

  • Last 10 nights of Ramadan including Zikr Night and Itikaaf. 
  • Shelter in cases of natural disaster.  

10. The organizers of any religious seminar/event/jamaat/qafla not sponsored by the ICM must  obtain permission from Board at least 72 hours prior to its being held/arrival.  

11. Please park your vehicles on the designated spot. Use handicapped spot only when you  have the placard visible, if we find any car violating the rule, action will be taken which includes  but not limited to warning, written note, fine, and towing at the expense of the owner.

  • No Overnight parking allowed in the masjid parking lot 

12. In the event that the Board becomes aware of any violations of the Code of Conduct set  forth herein the Board may implement one or more of the following disciplinary actions:  

  1. Convince the violator politely to adhere to the rules and regulations of the ICM. 
  2. Place the violator on warning
  3. Terminate the violator’s membership privileges. 
  4. Bar the violator from the events and activities of ICM, except prayers. 

13. Organized Programs/Events

  • All program/event requests should be made at least four (4) weeks in advance.
  • Those requests will require review and approval of relevant program information (e.g.,  program summary, presentation, etc.) by Board of Directors. Programs may be recorded  and will remain property of ICM. By agreeing to conduct the program on ICM property,  the requester agrees to these conditions and will abide by all ICM policies, rules, and  regulations.
  • The approved individual or group responsible for conducting the program will follow the  general guidelines of the masjid and should maintain Islamic conduct.  

Approved programs include: 

  • Islamic or religious programs
  • Community events including but not limited to monthly community dinners,  Ramadan Iftars, pre eid celebrations(henna etc), Eid breakfast, Eid evening BBQs  and banquets, visit a mosque day, interfaith events, extra fasting days  (Arafat,Muharram etc). 
  • Dinner or lunch programs. 
  • Any program violating masjid policy, Islamic law, and/or applicable local, state, and/or  federal laws will not be permitted. Programs should also meet requirements for IRS code  Section 501(c) (3) for churches or religious houses of worship. 

General Guidelines for Activities 

  • Any activity, program, group, or personal activity violating basic Islamic law is strictly  prohibited and will be cancelled with or without notice. Any interpretation of religious  matters will be referred to the Imam. 
  • All Islamic/ religious matters require review and approval of Imam of ICM.
  • Any activity, program by person or group that may harm, threaten or endanger any other  individual or group will not be tolerated. Such an individual will be appropriately  reprimanded up to and including expulsion from the masjid. 
  • Any illegal activity by any individual or group will be reported immediately to law  enforcement.
  • No masjid property/item (including chairs, tables and books) can be borrowed, moved, or  rearranged without prior approval from a member of the Board of Directors. 
  • No personal items should be left outside or inside the masjid without prior approval from  the Imam or a member of the Board of Directors.
  • ICM will sponsor 2 events (monetary) from the list of events posted in the masjid.
  • The requestor assumes full responsibility for the liability of any statement and/or  program carried out during the event and/or by affiliated group member. Opinions expressed therein are not endorsed by ICM Board.
  • ICM recommends that groups divide the work in 3 steps, arrangement, conducting and  cleanup/wrap up.
  • The requestor or responsible party will be responsible for cleanup, fixing any damages  to ICM property and leaving the property as found.
  • For Ramadan Iftaar and community dinners please keep the menu simple and do not  waste food. 

14. Zakat and charitable Contributions

  • To receive: You have to fill the form in the masjid and give it to Imam. He will then  contact the Board designated person for this matter. Please allow a week to process. 
  • To give: Please don’t leave any contribution in forms of clothes/shoes/home goods in  ICM unless we have a drive running. We will not agree to handle such contribution  unless arranged with concerned organizations. 
  • Monetary contributions can be dropped in appropriate depositories in the men’ and  women’s areas. 
  • If someone asks for money from individual member, please refer them to the Imam or assigned person.
  • No one is allowed to ask for money outside the center including parking lot.
  • The last date for Zakat-ul-fitr is 2 days prior to Eid for appropriate distribution. 

15. Masjid maintenance requires a lot of personnel and financial efforts. We need  contributions on both the fronts. Please contact the board if you are interested in volunteering  for ICM. For financial contribution, we recommend each member/family to contribute any  affordable amount to the masjid openly or concealed.

16. All expenses including Sunday school activities will require approval of Board/finance  Committee and President. 

17. No Weapons are allowed on the ICM premises.

18. Daily Iqamah timings can be changed only after consultation with Imam and/or Board. 

19. In the absence of Imam, only Imam and/or Board designated person will be allowed to lead  the daily prayers.

20. Board deserves the right to amend the above with and without notice at any time.